73315 voters for the Christian quota lists inside and outside Iraq

Ankawa.com – Exclusive

The site of ankawa.com publishes the results for the election of Iraqi parliament 2010 as announced by the Independent High Electoral Commission for elections during the press conference, on Friday evening in the Iraqi capital Baghdad.
  It is known that Rafedain list had obtained the largest number of quota voters inside and outside Iraq, 73315 votes, and accordingly got 3 seats in the next Iraqi parliament. The People Council of Chaldean Assyrian Syriac list came second and got 2 seats. The rest of the lists did not get any seat.
  According to the total number of voting, access to one seat in the Iraqi parliament within the quota of Christian requires 14663 votes. For the other lists related to the quota of our people, the voices for the lists that did not get this number of votes distributed to the existing two winners which made them earning more votes and get parliament seats.
  The Rafedain list got 28095 votes of the quota which are equivalent to 38.8% of the votes and thus enable the list to obtain 3 seats in parliament.
  The Council of People got 21882 voices representing 29.8%, the proportion delegated to get 2 seats in the Iraqi parliament.
  The list of Chaldean National Council came in the third place as received 6608 voices which accounting to 9% of the votes.
It should be mentioned, this is the first time that the sons of our people get 5 seats after approval by parliament earlier. So that, it is expected that 5 representative from our people will participate in the new Iraqi parliament that consisting of 325 representatives, according to the density of Iraq population.