4 Towers project in the city of Ankawa facing great criticism

Ankawa.com – Exclusive
Ashur-ban Company is intending to establish a project within the municipal boundaries of Ankawa and called it by the name “4 Towers”. The project includes 300 apartments and the cost will be 1000 dollar per each square meter. According to the people responsible for the project, the goal is to provide housing for the people of Ankawa, especially the youth.

The information obtained by the site of Ankawa.com from reliable sources indicates that the official approval of the project will be obtained on a condition that the assigned project is for the people of Ankawa. The condition also included the installment of the cost of the apartment for 3 years. However, Ashur-ban Company announcement said the preference will be for the people of Ankawa. Other people visiting the company headquarters that located in Sophie Mall in Erbil said that the employees told them the installment will be for 2 years and not 3.

The project faced very wide criticism by the people of the region. Young people and the people and the clergy of the town considered the project as an attempt to change the demography of the area that known as Christian town. They stressed on the fact that the project will not focus for the interest of young people because of the high cost price of the apartment.

The Congregation of the Christian people, Chaldean Assyrian Syriac, describes the project as an attempt to make a demographic change in the region that known as conservatively Christian. On the other hand, Archbishop Bashar Warda asked to transfer the project to another place in Erbil because it does not serve the people of the region in any way.