2 dead in strikes on Christian homes in Iraq

ctwkaradshehiraqchristianscnn640×3601.jpgFrom Jomana Karadsheh, CNN
Baghdad, Iraq (CNN) — At least two people were killed, and 14 others were wounded Thursday in a wave of bombings targeting Christian homes in Baghdad, an Interior Ministry official said. The strikes appeared to be a coordinated because they all took place within an hour, the official said. Explosives were left outside and in the gardens of at least six dwellings across Iraq’s sprawling capital.

It’s not clear whether all of the casualties were Christians, but the assaults mirror the early morning bombings of Christian homes in Baghdad on November 10.

In the east, in New Baghdad, at least two people were killed and three others were wounded. In central Baghdad, in the Karrada district, three people were wounded. There were two explosions in the gardens of homes in western Baghdad. In Yarmouk, a man was wounded in a blast and in Ameriya, two people were wounded.

In the southern region, in Dora, three people were wounded when a bomb went off in a garden.

In the southwestern Baghdad neighborhood of Saydiya, a bomb detonated after the doorbell was rung and residents opened the door. Two people were wounded in that attack.

The violence is the latest targeting the Christian minority in Iraq, which has a predominantly Muslim population.

Strikes in Baghdad and in Mosul in the north have generated great fear in the Christian community and have caused many people to leave their homes for other parts of Iraq or other countries.

Many Christians said they toned down their Christmas celebrations this year because of threats by militants in recent weeks.