100 Members of the UK Parliament have signed a motion condemning the denial of the 1915 Genocide of Assyrians

These develpments , which will increase the moral pressure on Prime Minister Gordon Brown, took place this week after lobbying from Armenia Solidarity, a Welsh-based organisation supported by Nor Serount Cultural Association.and Seyfo Centre .Dr Bob Spink kindly acceeded to their request in December for a motion in the UK parliament on the Holocaust, (Early Day Motion 287) which included this part:: “This House….condemns unreservedly denial and denigration of the memory of the Holocaust, as well as of the 1915 Genocide of Armenians and Assyrians in Turkey, and the politics of hatred and division which led to these events”
Also the overwhelming majority of Welsh, Scottish, and Nothern Irish MPs have recognised the 1915 genocide, by signing the motion in 2007 or the present motion.
 Of the 59 Scottish MPs in the UK parliament, 37 have recognised the Genocide, 13 have not, and the remaining 8 are not allowed ro sign, being part of the Labour Government.

Of the 18 elected Northern Irish MPs , the 6 Sinn Fein Members do not take their seats. Of the remaining twelve, eleven of them have signed now or in the past

These follow the example of MPs from Wales, the majority of which have recognised the 1915 Genocide in 2006 and 2007. By now 28 Welsh MPs have recognised the genocide, 6 have not, and the remaining 6 are not allowed to sign being in the government. The progressive attittude of Welsh politicians is explained, in our view, by an empathy with other countries who have also endured centuries of foreign rule.

In addition, the First Ministers of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have all recognised the Genocide. The Welsh First Minister did so in 2001, while the Scotish and Northern Irish First Ministers have both signed motions in the UK parliament to this effect
 In the other Celtic country of the UK , all the MPs from Cornwall have recognised the Genocide in 2007.

It is regrettable that Genocide Denial is a problem of only one country in the UK, namely England ,where nearly all UK Assyrian-Chaldean-Syriacs live.
  UK Assyrian-Chaldean-Syriacs are encouraged to write to their MPs asking them to the current Early Day Motion, number 287.

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