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On July 15, 1957, the Assyrian Democratic Organization (ADO) was established in the city of Qamishly, Syria. For years, the Assyrian Democratic Organization has been holding an event on the fifteenth of July of every year to celebrate its anniversary.

This year, as in the past, the ADO held a celebration in the city of Qamishly, and it was attended by a large number of our Chaldean Syriac Assyrian people from all over Syria, as well as a large number of expatriates from Diaspora. The event was also attended by representatives of political and national parties, and representatives of the cultural and social organizations.

After the start of the event, without any prior notification, the Syrian Governmental Security Services halted the celebration and ordered the attendees to evacuate the area.

Despite the many attempts to convince the government agents of the importance of continuing the celebration, but they were adamant to execute their orders to ban the ADO from celebrating its anniversary.

We, in the Assyrian Democratic Organization, express our gratitude to all who attended with us today, stressing their support for the peaceful, democratic and nationalistic stand of the Assyrian Democratic Organization, which is based on openness and moderation. We strongly condemn the actions of the Syrian Government, which prevented holding this ceremony. This event represents a great opportunity to instill the values of coexistence and strengthens the bonds of national unity in the Syrian society. This was evident by the diverse spectrum of national, religious and political principles of the attendees.

The decision sparked a general resentment from all attendees, and reflected the reality of the decline and the absence of democratic freedoms in the country.

This action does not serve the Syrian national interest and damages the reputation of our country. It will not dissuade us from continuing with the same determination and resolve to endure our national and peaceful struggle, openly, until we achieve our aspirations in building a state of law and institutions based on principles of partnership and equality.

Assyrian Democratic Organization
15 July 2010 – 6760

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