Ziyad Raoof encouraged Rotary Klub to join in helping refugees

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On Tuesday, 28th of October Ziyad Raoof, the Representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government to Poland, was invited to take part in the meeting of the Rotary Club department in Krakow, which was devoted to the topic of Kurdistan.

The Rotary Club is an international humanitarian organization that brings together members from over 200 countries around the world. The Krakow’s department of the Rotary Club is represented by many influential businessmen, scientists, entrepreneurs, consuls and politicians.

The Representative of the KRG began his speech at the meeting with the presentation of the history and general situation of Kurdish the nation as well as giving information about the Kurdish Region. He then answered the questions about the current situation, ISIS aggression which led to the huge humanitarian crisis, the consequences of which influenced the Kurdistan Region most of all. Ziyad Raoof called for the commitment into helping the refugees. He enriched his speech with videos and photos.

The gathered members of the Rotary Club were significantly impressed by the speech . They asked a lot of questions about the current situation in Kurdistan and declared their willingness to engage into the actions of helping refugees.

On the 4th of November during the next meeting of the Rotary Club. Krakow’s department declared the purchase of blankets for refugees in Kurdistan. They will be sent to Kurdistan by the nearest humanitarian transport from Poland together with valuable help from other Polish Organizations.