Withdrawal of the heads of Christian communities from the conference of Erbil for Coexistence and Social Tolerance

Ankawa.com – Erbil – Exclusive
All the representatives of Christian communities withdraw this morning from Erbil Conference for Coexistence and Social Tolerance. The conference is currently held in Erbil which organized by the Iraqi Human Right Ministry in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture in Kurdistan Regional Government. The withdrawal came to protest the murder of the young Christian Faddy Waleed Gabriel who killed yesterday evening in Mosul.
Ankawa.com sources said from the conference hall that Bishop Afak Assadorian, the President of the Iraqi Churches Council was the initiator for the withdrawal. The sources added Assadorian, the other bishops and the Christians representatives expressed their anger, condemnation and strong indignation for the continued targeting of Christians in this way.
As a result, the conference session was suspended and an emergency meeting was held by the Minister of Human Right, Wijdan Mikhael, Minister of Culture, Mahmood Kawa, and the region representatives of churches to persuade them to reserve their decision and continue their participation in the conference.
After this meeting, the clergies and Christian members of Erbil Conference for Coexistence and Social Tolerance returned back to the conference sessions. They agreed to return back after getting pledges to include their demands in the “Manifesto” that to be issued by the conference.
After they return back to the conference sessions, Lewis Sako, the Chaldean bishop of Kirkuk, gave a short speech and said: by returning to the conference hall we confirmed a democratic and civilized attitude, it is our democratic right to call upon the Iraqi government and the ministry of defense to impose their control and authorities not only to protect the Christians but to protect all people. He added, we here emphasis on the protection of Iraqi Christians. He also said, we register our attitude against everything going on against our Christian people in Iraq; we are not against any one.