Wide political and popularity demands for establishment of Christian province in Nineveh Plain

ees5551.JPG Thousands of Christian people participated in Dohuk demonstration and the leaders of the Christian national parties expressed their unity again.
 Ankawa.com – Dohuk – By Louay Aziz
In beautiful carnival and by wide participation of the different political Christian parties, Christian national organizations and in the presence of thousands of Chaldean Syriac Assyrian a demonstration launched on the 1st. of April 2011in the city of Dohuk to celebrate the Chaldean Syriac Assyrian New Year day, “Akito”.
The celebration started at 10 am, near Dohuk Traffic Office, by a bright march of the different colours of the Christian party’s national flags and the popular national fashions of Christian people. The march was continued with the sound of drums and the nice format of scouts. The crowd covered several kilometers lead by representative of all Christian parties holding each other arms in a symbol of love and unity.
The participants raised banners calling for consolidation of ranks and to unify their mutual works to achieve the rights of Christian people. The people participated in the demonstration are the Christians from the city of Dohuk, the different towns of Nineveh Plain, Kurdistan Region, from Mosul, Kirkuk, Erbil and from all over the world.
When the crowed arrived the field opposite to the Monastery of Mar Nursai, the ceremony started by standing one minute of silence in tribute and honor to the Christian martyrs, the martyrs of Iraq, the martyrs of Kurdistan Region and the martyrs of the right everywhere.
Words of welcome and nationalist songs

Welcoming speech was given in Syriac, Arabic and Kurdish languages. The Statement of the gathered Chaldean Syriac Assyrian Organizations was given by Shelemon Orahum in Syriac language, and then the same Statement was repeated by Shimon Matty in Arabic language. The statement demanded from the parliament to consider the 1st. of April as an official holiday.
After that a paragraph of songs started with a great interaction by the audience. Many singers were participated, including: Ashore Bait Sarkees, Ninub Lahdo, Naghm Adwar Moses, George Eliace, Ramiz Bait Shamuel, Philip William, Emmanuel Bait Yonan, Simon Kablo and Rany.
Emmanuel Bait Yonan sang one song alone and then with Ashore and Ramiz they sang as group.