We are asking America and the United nations for the judgment of Al-malaki and his government.

Dear all,
Let it not be hidden to you all the crimes that our Iraqi people have faced for ages.
And most recently against the Church of Our Lady
of Salvation in Baghdad. Unfortunately, the United nations and America are in denial, they only worry about the main reason why they entered Iraq in the first place. Our hearts are injured they bleed continuously every day, us Christians are the original ancestors of Iraq.
Yes, we are bleeding every day whether we live in Iraq or not. Therefore, we say
enough is enough and until when? Where is the beginning and end to all this I wonder?
Al- Maliki should be embarrassed on what is happening to our and his native Iraq, why is he still clinging to the power of office?!
Where is the country of law that Al-Maliki and his group are talking about? And where is the law in the country? We have never seen such massacres in Iraq! No matter what government Iraq ever had, we did not hear on regular basis of the killing of a bishop, priest, or a Christian.
We did not see or hear any bombing of a church or any place of worship for us in any previous government in Iraq. This is the only and most tragic period of time, being run by Mr. Maliki and his group. Iraq is in state of chaos, killings and destruction.
Yes, it is chaotic all of the Iraqi people especially in Baghdad, with the exception of Kurdistan are exposed to bombings on daily basis. Not knowing when they leave home if they will return safe. Why safety and peace in Kurdistan Iraq only and not in the rest of Iraq? Instead explosions, murder, destruction, and blood shedding every day. Is this what it means to rule and have law?
We are aware that the dramatic situation of the Iraqi people in general and Iraqi Christian in particular will continue and increase due to the disqualification of Al-Maliki and his aides in the administration. We must therefore call on all the countries of the world, America and the United Nations being on the top of the list, to refer al-Maliki and his aides in the Iraqi government to an international court for the detection of these heinous crimes against our people and against the minorities in Iraq. Enough is enough with no room to wait and bargain, if Al-Maliki continues to be in power, more disastrous crimes will occur.
Yes, there is a group in the government working with all these criminals, murderers, and terrorists, who have no religion, nor a prophet. Because if they did otherwise, they would not allow heavily armed criminals to from outside Iraq to have access to the Church of Our Lady of Salvation!
Yes, this last disaster that has happened to us in our dear church (Lady of Salvation) may sound like an unbelievable fictional story or movie one has ever told ????????????????????????????????????????????? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
God bless our martyrs who surely are now sitting with the Lord Jesus, when they shed their blood in the holiest time and holiest place.

May God Give them comfort forever and shine his everlasting light on them.

The Engineer
Talal Anaie
Helsingør / Denmark