Walter Aziz to release “General Agha Petros

agha_patrus1.jpgWalter Aziz to release “General Agha Petros Revisited: A Tribute To A True Assyrian Hero” on March 11, 2008

“A must-have album for every Assyrian household.” – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (February 17, 2008)

EASTJAM Music Entertainment is pleased to announce their new release by Assyrian recording artist Walter Aziz, titled “General Agha Petros Revisited: A Tribute To A True Assyrian Hero”. The album is a remake of his 1982 classic, “General Agha Petros”. It consists of the original 8 tracks with the same live instruments played in 1982, with a few minor enhancements. This time around, the tracks are digitally re-mixed and re-mastered with new vocals. The album pays tribute to the Assyrian World War I general.

On the title track, “General Agha Petros”, Walter features 14 prominent and upcoming artists from different backgrounds and regions, under one nation. This is the largest collaborative project in modern Assyrian music.

“To me, the message of Agha Petros was to unite our nation, and with this song, my guests on the album and I will reflect that unity through music,” Walter explains. This is a must-have album for every Assyrian household.

The album also includes three remixes by Paul Scriver, Walter’s right-hand producer/engineer now located in Montreal. The remixes incorporate Walter’s modern Assyrian Pop sound to the classic songs, “Tanzara”, “Broken Heart”, and “Lion Hunter”.

Here is the list of featured artists in “General Agha Petros”, in alphabetical order:

Adonee Odisho (Sweden)

George Gindo (Chicago, IL)

Jina Gindo Kena (Chicago, IL)

Jowan David (Chicago, IL)

Lazar Malko (Chicago, IL)

Munadhel Tomika (San Diego, CA)

Ninorta (Germany)

Ninos David (Australia)

Ramsen Sheeno (Chicago, IL)

Salim Sefo (Chicago, IL)

Shabeh Lawando (Chicago, IL)

Simon Kaplo (Germany)

Talal Graish (Canada)

Tony Gabriel (Canada)


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