Vote on church dome postponed by Paramus board

Town News
An anticipated March 8 vote on the Syriac Church application was carried to next month.

While most of the required variances were approved at the board’s Feb. 9 meeting, voting on the cathedral’s 46-foot dome at 55 W. Midland Avenue was delayed due to both Paramus Zoning Board members and Syriac representatives wanting to further discuss the issue before making a final decision.

Syriac received four of the five required votes at the February meeting and trustee Diane Marichal, who voted against the dome but noted she was open to further discussion, was not present for the March meeting due to illness.

One of Marichal’s primary concerns at the February meeting was that the size of the structure needed to accommodate both the surrounding residential neighborhood and the Church of the Annunciation across the street.

Attorney Stuart Liebman said the diocese may consider lowering the dome’s height to 44 feet, matching the size of the already approved bell tower. Borough code allows for a maximum height of 32 feet in the zone.

The application will be heard at the zoning board’s April 12 meeting.

-Bryan Wassel