Violence ramping up against Iraqi Christians

nocross1.jpgChristians around the world are being called to pray for believers in Iraq.

According to press reports, a major increase in violence has been taking place in the city of Mosul in northern Iraq. That violence has led to the shooting death of a Christian music store owner. Also, an estimated 3,000 Christians have fled the city because of the violence.

Jerry Dykstra with Open Doors USA says armed Islamic terrorists are scouting out Christians. “They’re even walking the streets of the city and asking people for their ID card,” he explains. “And on their ID cards, people have either Muslim or Christian — and if they are Christian, they are shot in the head.”

Five years ago, the city of Mosul had almost 200,000 Christians; now there are less than 90,000. Open Doors predicts those who are left will either be leaving soon or will be killed, “since it seems that a genocide is occurring in the city.”

Specifically, Open Doors is requesting that Christians everywhere pray for: (1) the terrorists to know the real God; (2) that Christians in Mosul, including the nominal ones, draw closer to the Lord; and (3) that those who have lost a loved one, their houses, or their possessions never forget that no matter what they lose, they still have the place Jesus is preparing for them in Heaven