Video: Bishop of Mosul weeping the Iraqi Christians and criticizing the Human Rights Organization.

  • Written by: / Translated by: Enhaa Sefo
In an interview hosted by Soryo Tv, Bishop of Mosul, Mar Nicodemus Dawod Sharaf said, despite the frequent wars on our land of Iraq, we would never quit praying in our churches, either in Mosul or in the nearby villages” and he burst in tears.
“For 1500 years, it is the first time that Christian of Mosul are unable to celebrate the feast of Mart Shmooni in the Baghdeda church. It is the first time, we pray outdoors of our churches,” he added.
He continued, “our people have been kicked out of their homes and lands in this way, they have no support, no honor is remained nor humanity, and those who claim to be human rights supporters are liars and indifferent of what our people are facing.”
At the end of the interview, he insisted, “what only makes us happy is that we, despite all what we faced and what we are going to face, are committed to our Christianity.”
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