Vandals spray paint expletive on St. Joseph Catholic Chaldean church

vandals_spray_paint_ch46b33be6-9009-412b-9973-c9dd4e12fda80001_20120308182649_320_2401.JPG•By: Tara Edwards
TROY, Mich. (WXYZ) – Threatening messages were found on the side of St. Joseph Catholic Chaldean Church in Troy.

In orange letters someone spray-painted their thoughts about war and wrote the words “ ur dead.”
Father Rudy Zoma was notified of the offensive comments after parishioners spread the word on Facebook.

“I don’t see a point of threatening a church we have been here for three decades. Our mission always is to preach the word of God. We will continue to do that,” said Father Zoma.

As long as the church has been located along Big Beaver Road, there have never been any threats in the past.

“If someone has any issue with anything political going on in the world today, I think they need to know that the church has been preaching this message of peace and respect and human dignity,” said Father Zoma.

Many parishioners stopped by the building to see the damage Thursday afternoon.

A cleanup crew has removed the spray paint. The case remains under investigation.

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