URGENT: Iraq’s famous Sculptor Mohammed Ghany Hikmat passes away

BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: The famous Iraqi Sculptor, Mohammed Ghany Hikmat, has passed away in the Jordanian capital of Amman on Monday after long illness.

Hikmat, one of the most outstanding Iraqi artists, born in northern Baghdad’s Kazimiya district in 1929, has been the creator of the famous “Sharazad & Shahrayar Monument in Baghdad’s Abu-Nawas Street, Ali-Baba & 40 Thieves in central Baghdad, Hamouraby and the Monument of the old Arab Poet, Abu al-Tayab al-Mutanabby.

Mohammed Ghany Hikmat had also completed the famous “Hurriya (Liberty)” Monument in central Baghdad, that was sculpted by the late Sculptor, Jawad Salim, who passed away in 1961, while Hikmat had worked with him in Italy to complete the monument.

Hikmat had completed in the 1980s one of the main gates of the UNICIEF in Paris and three wooden gates for the Tiesta de-Libra in Rome, to become the first Muslim to sculpt the gates of a Christian church in the world, along with one of the Walls of the Great Arab Revolution in Amman along with 5 gates for an old mosque and monuments in Bahrain.

Noteworthy is that none of Hakmat’s family members had been an artist or sculptor, being member of a conservative family, most of who look at art as “forbidden” thing, according to an interview with Hikmat.