Urgent Appeal Issued by the Conference “Christians and the Arab Spring 2”

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Amman, November 24, 2014
Participants of the conference followed up with great concern the aggravation of the human catastrophe surrounding Christians in Syria and Iraq and listened with great attention and sadness to the reports of participant delegations regarding the massacres, displacement, and targeting happening to Christian citizens, clergymen, and houses of worship in these two countries. They decided to address this appeal to all international organizations, relevant governments, secretariat of the United Nations, secretariat of the Arab League, and secretariat of the organization of the Islamic conference to demand following:

First: Regarding Christians of Iraq:
• To instantly provide emergency food, medical, and humanitarian aid to displaced Christians in north Iraq, Kurdistan region, and neighboring countries—Jordan and Lebanon in particular.
• To provide a secure and decent life to those displaced away from their countries in their temporary places of residence and to amend their legal statuses in order to give them the opportunity to attain education, employment, residence, and health services until they return back to their homes.
• The attendance of the participants of the conference acknowledged the decisions of the Iraqi government regarding asking for international aid to provide security and protection to Christians that are still in their towns, cities, and villages. They also acknowledged the consensus of influential Christian denominations and parties. They urged the United Nations to provide protection for these Christians in their areas under its umbrella through issuing a decision by the security council to broaden the United Nation’s Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) and assign it to create and spread enough international forces in the Nineveh Plains and Sinjar to make, preserve, and impose peace within a planned schedule in the transitional stage.
• This appeal includes the Yazidi minority in Iraq that is facing the challenges of genocide at the hands of extremist forces.

Second: Regarding Christians of Syria:
• To provide emergency food, medical, and humanitarian aid to displaced Christians in Syria regardless of where they have been displaced and whether these places are subject to the opposition forces or are still under the control of the regime’s forces, as aid is obligatory in all terms and conditions.
• To work on delivering emergency relief to Christian refugees and other Syrian refugees in neighboring countries, and to intervene to help these countries’ governments to provide health services, education, job opportunities, and legal residence to those refugees until they are capable of returning back home.
• To apply all the possible pressure to stop the displacement and targeting of Christian citizens in Syria and also to protect the lives of clergymen and nuns, protect churches and their holdings being part of the global human heritage.

The catastrophe engraving Christians in Syria and Iraq dictates to the international human conscious to quickly and vigorously react before it’s too late. The Orient is the first home for Christians and Christianity and the threat of draining it of its historical and founding Christian component is a threat to empty it. It’s also a threat to Christianity worldwide of cutting its roots from the home of the cradle of Christianity. It’s also a very strong strike at the heart of Arabism and Islam and all the values of tolerance, justice, brotherhood, and coexistence.

Kamil Zomaya