Unknown people attacked Christian’s properties in Shaklawa and the chief of police rule out the targeting against Christians

They blocked the main roads in Christian’s neighborhoods by using waste containers and stole a number of shops
Ankawa.com – Shaklawa – Exclusive
Ankawa.com site knew that a number of assaults were carried out in areas of Shaklawa town where Christian’s people live and work there. The assaults took place on Saturday night, the 9th of October 2010. Many shops belongs to Christians have been stolen and the chief of police in the town ruled out that Christians were the target.
  Witnesses said to the site of Ankawa.com that last Saturday night unknown people closed the streets and roads leading to the church by large waste containers and old refrigerators in the Christians neighborhoods.
 Christians of Shaklawa people used to participate in the Sunday morning mass that usually take place at 6.30 am every Sunday.
  Our sources added that a number of shops belonging to Christians in the area have been stolen on Saturday night, the 9th of October 2010. The sources also mentioned that a number of houses have also been stolen during last week.
  The chief of police in Shaklawa town said to the site of “Shaklawa post” that it is unlikely that this act is against our Christian’s brothers. He added the investigations are under way to know the details of this case and to reveal the criminals.
  It should be mention that these assaults were brought a state of resentment among Christians in the region because they are not used for such actions in the past.