Union statement on the Coptic organizations in Europe

Union statement on the Coptic organizations in Europe
Crucial Egyptian elections
The unprecedented participation of the Egyptian people in the last election impressed the whole world, in fact this is the first true election after the revolution of January 25, 2011. Sadly, these elections were full of many unfortunate abuses which are contrary to democratic practices in civilized countries, namely:

First, the clear exploitation of religion in politics which the ruling military council promised not to allow, according to the Egyptian Constitution and the laws of the parties. Yet the exploitation of religious slogans in elections, continued until Election Day.

Second: The disgraceful behavior of most groups of political Islam which run counter to human rights and democratic systems of exploitation and human needs of women and to children in the excesses of immoral and non-religious.

Third: to defy the law and the Constitution by, closing many of the committees in the face of the voters, the late arrival of the judges to voting committees, and by not to securing the voting places inside or out.

Fourth: the military council’s lack of commitment to his promises, which came as a result of reluctance to hold abusers, religious currents, and security men and police responsible and failing in safeguarding the election process in the right way, which amounts to the biggest event.

And the Coptic organizations in Europe stresses that: If all these abuses and errors are not corrected, if the military counsel did not address these crimes against the revolution and Egypt’s democracy in the next stages of the election, we will continue in our condemnation to expose each accomplice against Egypt and its good people.
Mr. Medhat Kelada
Dr. Ibrahim Habib
Dr. Nabil Asaad