UN calls to re-insert Article 50 in Iraq law

23027-ap0809280107111.jpgWho is pushing minorities away? Which parties are seeking to get them out of the political equation by removing Article 50 from Iraq’s provincial elections law? Who is trying to harm the diversity of the country that distinguishes Iraq from its neighbors? These are simple and clear questions that shape the future of the new Iraq. United Nations special representative to Iraq Steffan De Mistura affirmed that the UN Commission in Iraq (UNAMI) will pursue endeavors to re-insert the article in the provincial election law.
In a special statement, De Mistura said the International Organization is highly concerned about removing Article 50 which was backing minorities’ rights stressing the necessity to re-insert the article as soon as possible.
“I was surprised and disappointed that Article 50 was not included in the provincial elections law. Article 50 has the backing of minority groups, political blocs and UNAMI (United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq) and should now be reinstated into the legislation as soon as possible so minorities can participate in the upcoming elections”, De Mistura said.
In a remarkable stand, Cardinal Emmanuel III Delly, leader of Iraq’s Chaldean Catholics, said the removal of Article 50 from Iraq’s provincial law is unjust to minorities. He added that representing Chaldeans in local elections is crucial even if they’re a minority as it makes them feel part of this nation. Delly urged to re-insert the article in Iraq’s provincial law in compliance with demands of co-existence in the country.
In the same context, Mosul demonstration was followed by several protests as thousands of Christians demonstrated in Dahouk demanding self-rule while they read out a protest memorandum in which they demanded self-rule in their regions and called to re-insert Article 50 in the law and deal with the issue officially as in the case of Constitution Article 140 while they called for special seats in Parliament and Kurdistan National Council.