Turkish government intervention to stop the approval of erecting an Assyrian Genocide Monument in Sydney

image0011.jpgAccording to the news from SBS- radio last Friday on the Assyrian program, that arguments over a proposed monument in Sydney suburb of Fairfield has mounted to diplomatic level.

The regional Secretary of the Assyrian Universal Alliance (AUA), Mr. Hermiz Shahen has proposed a monument to be put on public land to what he calls the victims of the Assyrian Genocide.
Mr. Shahen said during an interview with SBS – Radio “Our people need reconciliation , they are asking the Turkish government to some how admit the wrongdoing against our people because if they don’t admit it- then we are exposed to further genocide as its happening now in Iraq and repeated itself in 1933”.

On the other hand the Turkish consul general in Sydney, Mr. Renan Sekeroglu has denied there was any genocide against the Assyrians.

Although he admitted there were tragedies on both sides in a war during the last years of the Ottoman Empire. He went further by saying that he will contact the Fairfield Council to lodge an objection to the proposed Assyrian monument.

Mr. Sekeroglu said during an interview with SBS _ Radio “I am afraid that if such proposals bear fruit then it will create a climate of hostility and it will also contradict the environment of historically friendly relations between Turkey and Australia”.

The Fairfield council says “it’s taking into consideration all angles before making a decision on the 4.5 meters sculpture that looks like a hand holding up the globe”.

Fairfield Council will decide whether to permit the monument or not on December the 15th.

Mr. Shahen encouraged on the Assyrian program all the freedom loving people to support the application made by the AUA at Fairfield City. Mr. Shahen said;
“It is an undeniable fact that over 750,000 Christian Assyrians lost their lives in this genocide. The depopulation of GreekÙˆ Assyrians and the Armenians was part of parcel of Turkey’s policy of eliminating the Christian minorities. Efforts to encourage Turkey to face this historical reality will help move forward the process of democratization in that nation. It will as well, help to guarantee that Turkey understands its contemporary obligations to protect both the human and collective community rights of its minority populations and to prevent any future genocide.”

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