Turkish Ambassador Calls Assyrian Genocide ‘Masturbation’

Egeman Bagis
STOCKHOLM, Sweden—Turkey’s notorious Genocide denier and its European Union ambassador Egemen Bagis has compared the Assyrian Genocide, known as Seyfo, to masturbation, during a discussion with a Swedish parliament member at an event earlier this year organized by Assyrians, reported the Assyrian Television Channel ACSATV.com.

Bagis, who was attending an event organized by several Assyrian organizations in the Swedish capital turned to Swedish member of parliament Yilmaz Gerimo and said: “What are you Assyrians looking to gain by using the Seyfo question as masturbation and trumpeted it in the media and the Swedish Parliament?”

According to reporter Dikran Ego, who first reported the incident, Bagis himself broke the uncomfortable silence that ensued, by apologizing to Turkish Ambassador to Sweden Zergun Koruturk, saying that perhaps his remarks were inappropriate to say in the presence of a woman—the Swedish parliament member, Gerimo.

This is not the first time that Bagis has insulted the victims of the many Genocides committed by Turks.