Thousands Of Christians Finally Take A Stand Against Persecution, Arming Against ISIS

Over the past two months, the world has been on the edge of their seats because of the actions of an Islamic group, known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, who rose to prominence through terror. To most of us, they are known as ISIS and they’ve been reported on numerous times for their atrocities. Here on The Inquisitr, we reported numerous times on such atrocities. This includes how they breed hate either through children or women.

However, one group of people who are really getting persecuted because of the mantra ISIS is trying to uphold are the Christians. Here on The Inquisitr, we reported on how the terrorist group is persecuting Christians. This includes the barbaric beheading of Christians, especially children. Also, just because a woman or a child is alive means nothing to ISIS, as they’ve been reported to bury them alive.

Now there are reports that Christians, especially those who live in Middle Eastern nations, are finally taking a stand against the onslaught of ISIS.

According to an article by Universal Free Press, literally thousands of Assyrian Christian men have volunteered to join a militia protecting the Christians in Iraq. This has been confirmed in a statement by David William Lazer, chairman of the American Mesopotamian Organization.

“There are thousands of young Assyrian Christian men that have volunteered to join the protection units we’re planning on establishing in the coming weeks and months… Situations like this need political consensus before anything takes place on the ground. While there are hundreds of individuals that are armed with small weapons at this time, the bulk of the force is yet to be organized. Most of our areas in the Nineveh Plain are still under ISIS control and it doesn’t look like the Kurdish militias will be able to remove them without help from the International community.”

The militia mentioned is not exclusive either. There is another Christian militia known as the Syriac Military Council. Its forces consists of both Chaldean and Assyrian Christians too, as they take the fight to ISIS.

Christians in the Middle East are not alone in their endeavor to fight for their faith. Freedom Outpost reports in their article that European Christians are discussing the possibility of a “Fifth Crusade” or “A New Lepanto.” This is a reference to the Battle of Lepanto of 1571, in which Christian forces of the Catholic Holy League defeated Ottoman Turks in what is known as the greatest naval battle in Christendom’s history.

The article also reports numerous examples in which men of God in the Holy Bible took up arms to protect their faith. Nehemiah, the prophet, is a good example; he assembled a holy militia to protect those who were in building the temple against the “vehemence of the heathen,” as it is stated. However, it should also be noted that the Christian militias are not fighting for dominion in the name of religion, but to protect their faith.

What do you think about Christians taking a stand against ISIS? Do you believe they have a right to their faith and to live in the countries of their birth without fear of persecution? Please let us know in the comments below.