They demands establishing of a governorate exclusively for Christian people in Nineveh Plain and activating paragraph 35 in the draft constitution of Kurdistan – Shlimon Orahum – Documenter of the meeting
The leaders of the Christian parties and national institutions demanded in the final “Communiqué” for their second expanded meeting that held on Saturday the establishment of a governorate for Christian people in Nineveh Plain. They also demanded the activation of paragraph 35 of the draft constitution of Kurdistan which related to granting of autonomy to Christian people and stressed for the need to hold a comprehensive national conference.
This second expanded meeting came as an update for the first meeting that held on the 26th of last November, after a series of preparatory meetings.
The conferees discussed widely many important aspects related to the different issues of Christian people and their legitimate rights in their historic homeland. They also discussed the possible ways to deals with the campaigns aimed to displace Christians from their ancestors land to the Diaspora in foreign countries through the criminal terrorist operations and by foreign suspicious agendas which trying to evacuate Iraq from one of its original components and to destroy the fundamental social structure.
The documenter of the meeting, Shlimon Dawood Orahum, said to the site of, the conference meeting sessions continued from the morning till late in the evening in a positive and constructive atmosphere. He added, such a behavior reflects the high sense of responsibility and great care of all parties for the need and necessity to consolidate the joint national action.
The conferees issued at the end of their meeting final “communiqué” which included a number of recommendations and demands regarding the rights of Christians in their homeland.