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Posted by Corey Barnett
refuge The Refuge Initiative is building micro-camps, restoring hope and dignity to displaced Iraqis. The Refuge Initiative, a Christian organization, has pioneered a model of housing refugees. Displaced Iraqis live in a village style and refugee administrated micro camps at Soran in North East Kurdistan. The place is only 150 kilometers away from Mosul, a stronghold of ISIS. These Christians Are Helping Iraqi Refugees Escaping ISIS Tweet This Billy Ray co-founded the Refugee Initiative. He is from Florida along with Dawn, his wife and their three young sons from 2008. Ray has previously worked on a number of areas and they moved to their present address only in 2008. Soran is a Kurdish town about 20 miles distant from the Iranian and Turkish borders. They are regarded as the pioneer western family to settle in the region.

The Refugee Initiative, other than building refugee camps, claims to restore hope and dignity. They also offer a number of solutions to people escaping persecution. According to the organization, camps can be easily constructed but constructing a refuge is another. The organization develops micro-camps. They are done by partnering with refugees themselves, keeping the latter’s needs first. The refugees have the benefit of autonomy. All these results in the formation of genuine communities.

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