The rise of Kurdistan flag for the first time over government buildings in Alqosh – Alqosh – Revan Alhakim

The town of Alqosh witnessed on Wednesday, 16/06/2014, the rise of Kurdistan flag alongside with the Iraqi flag over the building of the Directorate and the Municipal council of Alqosh for the first time since the fall of the former regime in 2003. Also the town witnessed today, Thursday 12/06/2014, the rise of Kurdistan flag over the building of police station.

This step came in parallel with the control of the terrorist groups of Daash on the entire province of Nineveh during the past few days.

In this regards, the official of the local committee of KDP in Alqosh, Shehab Ahmad, said to site that the town of Alqosh and its villages have been under the protection of the security system of Kurdistan, the Asayish and Peshmerga, since the fall of Saddam’s regime. He added, today after the fall of the city of Mosul and most of its towns and villages by the terrorist armed groups, Kurdistan security and armed forces continued their protection. As a result a group of youth act spontaneously and raised Kurdistan flag over government buildings in Alqosh.

Ahmad also said Alqosh like other disputed areas located outside Kurdistan, and not to go far, here Alshaykhan town which is on the same line with Alqosh rise Kurdistan flag over the government buildings since many years ago.

It was not possible for our site to get more clarification from the district director of Alqosh as being busy in receiving the displaced people coming from the city of Mosul and providing the services for them.

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