The prosecutor general in Erbil demanding from the private ”Meedia” School to change the subjects of history because they contain lessons from the Gospel
The official website of the Kurdistan Islamic Union, Kordio, published that the prosecutor general in Erbil demanded from the private Media School to change the history subjects for all levels because they contain lessons from the Gospel.
  The private Media School located in Bekhtiary neighborhood in Erbil and some of its teaching staff is Christians. According to the site, the school accepts 200 Muslim students every year.
  The website indicated that the prosecutor general issued an official letter on the 21st of September 2010 mentioning that “teaching history from a Christian perspective to the Muslim students is not in agreement with the Islamic faith and the foundations of the Iraqi constitution and the draft constitution of Kurdistan Region”. The letter demanded the change of the referred materials for all levels of study or to exempt Muslim students from attending these lessons in similar way as their peers exempted Christian students from attending the lessons of Islamic education.
  The prosecutor general put this condition against the school to change these subjects and preventing the recourse to legal means, and saying: if the school not complies with what we have decided, we will take legal action against those responsible for this matter.
  The Ministry of Religious Endowments in the Regional Government and the Union of Islamic Scholars in Kurdistan agreed with the letter of the prosecutor general.