The Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq demands PM to disclose the circumstances of the death of Iraqi cartoonist, “Ahmed al-Rubaie,” and declares its solidarity with “Charlie Hebdo’ newspaper”

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The Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq demanded the government to disclose the circumstances of the death of the Iraqi cartoonist, Ahmed al-Rubaie, since the previous government refused to conduct any investigation concerning the causes of his death.
The Association calls upon Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, to fulfill his promise sworn in front of the people and political partners, to disclose the results of the investigations that the Ministry of Interior claimed to have been engaged in since more than a year now, in connection with the attack against the (Sabah AlJaded ) newspaper because of Al-rubaii’s recent cartoons, and to continue sending supportive messages to the press community that lost more than 400 journalists during the past years, and have suffered from cases of constriction and closure over the past years.
The Association considers disclosing the circumstances of the death of Al-rubaii and holding involved MPs responsible, a big reassuring step, and an explicit message of solidarity with the French newspaper “Charlie Hebdo” stronger than any statement of condemnation and denunciation.
Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq declares its full solidarity with the French newspaper Charlie Hebdo that lost the best of its cartoonists because of the plague of extremism and the mentality of murder and intimidation.
The Association assures that these crimes share common aim in targeting freedom of expression around the world.
The Association expresses its deep concern due to the lagging action taken to reveal those responsible for Al-rubaii’s death till this moment, calling the press community in Iraq, to remember his sufferings and the threats that led him to leave Baghdad and shortly after, die in one of the hospitals of Erbil.
The Press freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq, demands state of Iraq to take care of his family and children, so as not to be a partner of the crime committed by some of the politicians who are considered as components of the recent government especially that

he was the only sustainer of the family.