The Iraqi Canadian Group organization held Investment seminar

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The Iraqi Canadian Group organization held a seminar at DAYS INN HOTEL in the City of Windsor / Canada Saturday 14.03.2015, The seminar was about investment in the purchase of real estate under the title (why buying the property is better than RENT?) A real estate agent-hosting Mr. Mamdouh Hassoun And Mr. Tawfiq Hassoun Mortgage Broker and Mr. Tony Hanna Real Estate Inspector and Miss QMER Hassoun within the team. The seminar started through word of welcome dropped by Miss Leena Hanna the secretary of the organization. As the workshop included video footage of real estate in Canada with an explanation of the points for the procurement process and dealing with banks and other legal issues and then deliberated questions and inquiries about the most important points that can be taken before and after the purchase of the property. The event concluded with the final words from the director of the organization, Mr. Khassan F. Saka, he thanked attendees, volunteers and the real estate team, with special thanks to Miss. Amal Nabil Al-jarah for her afford in the workshop.