The Guard of Mar Yousif Church in Ankawa beaten heavily

According to the website and an eyewitness, who asked to remain anonymous, the Guard of Mar Yousif Church in Ankawa was beaten heavily on April 26, 2009.
On the evening of April 26, 2009, while the Mass was being held in the Mar Yousif Church in Ankawa, three people driving a Land Cruiser drove around the Church four times blasting their music. The guard of the Church stopped them and asked them to lower the volume of their stereo when driving by the Church to respect its sanctity while the Church attendees are leaving Mass.
Instead of apologizing for their actions, one of the individuals in the car came out and began to threaten the guard with revenge. Telling the guard, “Don’t you know who I am?” And claiming that he is the son of Fadhel Mirani, the Secretary General of the KDP.
The Church Guard told him that he is only doing his job and that it is within his rights to stop him from insulting the sanctity of the Church. This is when the individuals in the car threatened the guard telling him that they will return later.
It was only a short time later, when the car returned, but this time they were accompanied by a fully armed police unit and began to heavily attack and beat the Church Guard, which led to breaking his nose and causing him to severely bleed.
The individual did not stop at this, but rather continued to yell and tell all of the present Church attendants that he will also cause More Damage to their Church.
However, the Archbishop has refused to raise this issue to the authorities, while telling the Guard that “We are Christians, and we have a pacifist religion. I will get your legal rights.”