The destruction of thousands of square meters of vineyards in Dohuk belonging to the Christians – Revan Al-Hakeem
According to a reliable source from Dohuk reported to the site of, “the bulldozers belonging to the municipality of the province has recently destroyed thousands of square meters of vineyards owns by Christians in Dohuk”. These fields are located just under the new bridge, Shorash. This act reflects a great anger among the owners of the land, which they are considered as legitimate owners.
  The lawyer, Shevan Toma, confirmed the incident and said in his interview with the site, we were told on Thursday, 27 of April 2010 that the government wants to build a project under the bridge Shorash, but we refused the request without compensating the owners, and they promise to pay the compensation. He added, the owners of the vineyards refused to start any work before receiving the compensation.
  Toma said, the municipality had raised the case to the court, but the court did not decide yet. Therefore, they decided to change the course of the project, so that it will not affect the territory of the vineyards. On the next day they apply to the court to cancel their previous request of overtaking the fields, since they are going to change the direction of the project. The Judge combined the new request with the previous one and said they would consider the issue on the proceeding.
  Toma, continued, we were surprised on Thursday when we informed that several municipal bulldozers accompanied by security forces and emergency forces are destroying the vineyards in the presence of the government representatives, the director of the municipality, the head of the municipal council and a group of exceeding squad.
  Toma explained, I went there and told them that they are violating our rights by doing this, but they told us they will compensate later. Toma repeated for the site the words of the director of the municipality, “I personally promise that we will compensate you”. The reply of Toma was “we are used to these false promises of you, but our right is gone.
  Toma also mentioned that the Deacon Ghassan, owner of one of the vineyards, took photos for the destruction process of the land by his personal mobile to display them at the site of But a person called Osman Othman (the warden of the exceeding squad) assaulted Deacon Ghassan by beating him, tore his shirt and took the mobile to break it, but he only deleted the photos and threatening to jail him with severe beating. Toma added, the sabotage destruction of the vineyards was performed by the presence of armed security forces, and this is leading us to question the legality of their work in the presence of all these forces.
  Toma said, they have contacted the council of people in the province, who in turn contacted the Deputy Governor, Korkease, informing him about this matter and what the municipality doing. Korkease immediately called the director of the municipality requesting the suspension of the work, but nobody listened to the Deputy Governor and the destruction of the vineyards continued for the next day until they destroyed all of them.
  Toma continued, a Christian family living in one of those vineyards trapped due to closing the road by the debris resulted from the destruction, in addition to the demolishing of several parts of the house. He added, isn’t this a blatant infringement on our rights?
  Toma said, all the destructed lands by Dohuk municipality are the property of their respective owners and the reminder recorded in the “Taboo” (property registering office) with names of their respective owners. However, he explained, that the person responsible for the Legal Division (the site keep her name) said to the legitimate owners of the vineyards that she will not let them benefit from the land and the compensation will be by another land of which they will not get any benefit.