The continuation of the series of killing against Christian in Mosul……. Mosul–Exclusive.
According to a reliable source reported to the site of, the police forces in Mosul found today, Wednesday 17 February 2010, the body of a young Christian in the area of Wadi Al-ain in Mosul.
  The source said, they found the body of Wisam Gorge, a student of the Teacher Training Institute, which he live in Mosul Al-Jadeeda district. The source added that the body is showing signs of gunshot wounds in the head.
  More details are not available for the site at the moment; we will bring you any further details as soon as received. This crime is the fourth targeting against Christians in Mosul during the past few days.
  It should be mentioned, that a series of organized criminal operations are still in continuation against Christian in Mosul. These criminal acts are interpreted by observers as aimed to evacuate the city of Mosul from Christian people.