The city of Mosul without Christians: The end of deadline for Christians to leave the city of Mosul – Exclusive
After the end of the deadline set by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS, Daash) for the reminder of the Christian families in the city of Mosul, dozens of Christians families- which they are likely the last- have left the city. This was happened due to the notification and orders by the Islamic State to leave the city within the period of time ending today, July 18th, at the Friday sermon; otherwise their blood will be shed (killing them).
On this context and during the meeting with one of the displaced Christians from Mosul this morning, he said: we received notification yesterday from the Islamic State representative to leave the city during a maximum period of Friday noon. He added, they prevent us from taking any of our possessions because everything confiscated by the Islamic State. He also said, after I left with my family we intercepted at a checkpoint by militants of the Islamic State in Alnoor neighbourhood, they forced us to get out of the car and after checking our identities, they took what we have of cash money, my wife and daughter jewelleries and our mobile phones before allowing us to pass in the way to Ba’shiqah.
It should be mention that the houses belong to Christian people in the city of Mosul had confiscated few days ago by the Islamic State and slogans were written and pasted on the walls of the houses confirming that.

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