The Church of Our Lady of Salvation commemorate its martyrs in a significant official and popular attendance

Patriarch Mar Beshara said:
We came to join the church in Iraq in this holy sacrifice; we are here holding a deep wound.
Patriarch Yonan said:
There cannot be peace and justice if there are no human rights and religious freedoms. – Baghdad – Khulood Al-Binian
Despite their pains, which exceeded the description, and the brutal violence against them, Iraqi Christians still remember their martyrs who paid their lives as a price for their religious identity, certainly for their Iraqi nationality, which no one could argue about it, to confirm they would not be expelled from Iraq no matter what plans used by evil people and to proof that Iraq is the home to one united people have long known of their factions with fraternity and love.
Large number of people, victims’ families, their relatives and friends, and significant presence from all over Baghdad gathered here at the church of Our Lady of Salvation to commemorate the first anniversary of the big and evil crime hit the church in 31st of October 2010.The bishop Mar Afram Yousif Aba, Archbishop of Baghdad Syriac Catholic said, Christians will remain in Iraq and will stay with their brothers, Muslims, Yazidis, Sabean Mandaeans and other religions in a unity of brotherhood and love.
The crowd greeted with applause the church procession when entered the Cathedral holding a large picture included the two young priests who killed during the massacre surrounded by the pictures of the rest of the martyrs, whose number exceeded 45 people.
The mass was attended by large crowd which included: the delegation from Lebanon headed by Lebanese Maronate Patriarch Beshara Alraay who arrive Baghdad last Monday morning with Mar Ignatius Yousif III Yonan, Patriarch of Syriac Catholic, Cardinal Mar Emanuel III Delly, Patriarch of Chaldeans in Iraq and the world, Mar Addy, Patriarch of the Ancient Eastern Church, the Apostolic Nuncio in Baghdad, the bishops Mar Afram Yousif Aba and Matty Madoca from the Syriac Catholic Church, Mar Georges Salioa, bishop of the Assyrian Church, Severus Hawa, bishop of Baghdad and Basrah for the Syriac Orthodox Church, the Iraqi Ambassador in Beirut, Omar Barazanchi, MP Yonadem Kanna, former Minister Pascal Eshoo, Raad Emanuel, President of Christian Endowment, Coptic pastor in Iraq, Papa Carlos, heads of Shiiah and Sunni Endowments, representative of Al-Maliki and Amar Al-Hakim, number of the clergy of all Baghdad churches, Muslim Sheikhs, number of senior official in the council of Ministers, Christian and Muslim MPs, large crowd of people from different religions and sects, families, relatives and friends of the victims, nuns and monks from different churches, nuns from Fraternal Heart of Jesus, Mother Teresa nuns and nuns of the Incarnate Word.
The mass started by the speech of Archbishop Mar Afram Yousif Aba, the Archbishop of Archdiocese of Baghdad Syriac Catholic Church. In his speech, the Archbishop thanks everyone who came from Lebanon to Iraq to support their brothers Christians in Iraq, and said they are by conscious of their sense of spiritual and humanitarian came to declare their solidarity with Iraq, Government and people, and to express to all Iraqis, Christians and Muslims, their condemnation of the uncivilized event that remind us of the brutal massacre of the children of Bethlehem century before the Allegiance, and the inhuman and brutal violence against the group of people who were praying to their creator for peace and love.
Bishop Aba also thanks the ambassadors, priests, heads of churches in Baghdad, official from the Iraqi and governmental institutions, Italy and France who sympathized with the victims of the church, people and nations and those who denounced the criminal act and those who have declare their positions and stood with the Christians and all the oppressed and marginalized people in the world.