The Assyrians, Armenians the Greeks spoke with one voice in Thessaloniki

The director of Seyfo Center, Mr Sabri Atman was invited to Greece for the second time to speak about the Assyrian Genocide. In his previous trip he has been to and spoke in Athens, Alexandropoli and Komotini but this time he was invited to Thessaloniki. During his one week stay in Greece, Mr Atman has made new impressions and important progress in emphasizing that the three nations who became victims of the same genocide should act together.
It is known that the condition people who live in severe distress, very sorrowful pains called as being traumatised. It is this kind trauma in its clear form Atman has observed it in Greece. He noticed the Government of Greece and the politicians were holding back to speak about the Genocide, due to Greece being a member of NATO and in its political strategy is upholding the view that good relations should be kept with Turkey. However, despite of this view he also noticed that there is a good deal of consistency and determination within the members of the great-great grand children, the survivals of the genocide who lost their homes as well as their homeland.
At the conference that took place on 20th September the following people were the main guest speakers:

Sabri Atman, Seyfo Center, Assyrian Genocide.
Melin Karaoglanian, representative of the Armenian Committee in Greece, “Armenian Genocide, -an everlasting crime against humanity!”.
Michalis Charaambidis, Sociologist ” From Kemalism to Humanism” .
Hara Galanou, Lawyer – Criminologist ” The Genocide of the Pontian and the people of the Greeks of Asia Minor (1910-1923).
Atman has received more invitations from Greece and Cyprus to speak on the Assyrian Genocide. has interviewed Atman. You can follow it through the link below:


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