The Assyrian Universal Alliance (AUA)

The Assyrian Universal Alliance (AUA)is an international alliance made up of various sectors of the Assyrian national federations and organizations throughout the world. The AUA was established in Pou- France in April 13, 1968 to become a powerful and useful voice for the Assyrians, committing it self to spreading, upholding, enhancing the Assyrian name around the world, and working to secure the sacred human and national rights of the Assyrian people in our homeland and elsewhere.
The General Secretary of the Assyrian Universal Alliance is Honorable Yonathan Betkolia from Iran who is Assyrian representative in Iranian Parliament as well. The Assyrian Universal Alliance has five regions, which are the America, Europe, Australia, Asia and homeland.
The AUA has had 27 World Congress sessions, where representative of the Federations, Organizations and Political Parties send their representatives to attend this congress.
The Assyrian Universal Alliance (AUA) works hard to advance the Assyrian cause internationally and explain the aspiration of the Assyrian nation, to live in peace with the rest of the population in which ever country they are citizens. It also helps to gain the support of the democratic governments and international bodies, to consider and defend the rights of the indigenous Assyrian people in their homeland (Iraq) and to preserve their national identity, culture, heritage, language and religion.
The Assyrian Universal Alliance works to establish contacts with Assyrians where the Assyrian people live, such as Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Syria, and Lebanon…etc. Assyrian delegates from these countries attend the AUA World Congress. Each World Congress takes place in a different country to strengthen relations between the AUA, the Assyrians and the Government of that country.
The AUA’s annual Congress has been held in the US, Europe, Iran, Australia and Iraq. We have not been successful in holding congressional sessions in countries such as Iraq untill last year. The reason being that in the 1978 congress which was held in Australia, the Iraqi delegation presented poisoned sweets to the other congress delegates during its closing session, claiming many innocent victims and disturbed the whole Assyrian community and the Government of Australia. Since then, the Iraqi presence in the congress were suspend and been reviewed lately. Then, we been able to host the 27th congress in Erbil in 2010.
The AUA is trying to establish presence in the countries of the Middle East where Assyrians reside, for advancing the existing relation between Assyrians and the local and national authorities of those countries.
The AUA supports and promotes parliamentary representation of the Assyrians in their country or area of residence.
The AUA continuously promotes and maintains solidarity relations and communication with all other Assyrian political, social, and religious groups, organizations and establishments worldwide. The AUA encourages all the Assyrian organizations through out the world to establish national federations in their countries of residence, and invite these federations to have affiliation with the AUA, so that Assyrians of all those countries will have presence in the AUA in order to achieve one of the AUA aims, being to establish one leadership for our Nation. That way we can improve the Assyrian image and promote the Assyrian cause under a universal worldwide consensus.
The Assyrian Universal Alliance assures our dear Assyrians that it will remain loyal to its original principles and nothing will hinder our march towards the realization of our historic rights.

Assyrian Universal Alliance