The Assyrian Nineveh Club cordially invites you to this year´s 2008 Cup.

dnk.jpgIn this year´s tournament, the Assyrian footbal teams from Europe and Scandinavia will be competing in the honours of the Assyrian Football Hero, Amo Baba and in the memory of the founder of the Nineveh football club in Denmark, Enqiya Eramiya Merza.

We present you: The Amo Baba & Enwiya Merza 2008 Nineveh Cup, Aarhus-Denmark

A little of information about the tournament:
The tournament will be held over two days: from Saturday the 10.05.2008 till Sunday the 11.05.2008. Furthermore the football matches will take place at the fields of Skjøldhøjskolen in Tilst. However teams containing more than 17 members, should notify the committee

Necessary sleeping arrangements/accomodation for the competing countries clubs will be handled by the Assyrian Nineveh Association. However it is prefereable for the accompanying guests to arrange their own overnight accomodation. For further information, please contact us in advance, in order to help you with the needed arrangments. In addition we ask all participants to bring their own sleeping bags, a small pillow and toiletries.

During the tournament, Nineveh restaurant will be open for our audience and guests. Speaking of which, for the football players/members food and beverages are free. Finally an amazing show will end the tournament with the beloved Linda George, for this reason don´t forget to iron your shirt,  shine your shoes and get ready for the big award ceremony in which the winner of the Nineveh Cup 2008 will be announced.

Participation information:
Participation fee is: 2700:-DKK per team. The money should be transferred to the Associations account:
The Assyrian Nineveh Association/ Den Assyriske Nineveh Forening
Danske Bank, Brabrand Nord Afdeling, Phone: +45 8675 6250
Bankbook nr.: 3908580036 – Registration nr.: 4815 – Account nr.: 4815002571, Danske Privat

We recommend you to write the name of your team as reference, for easier bookkeeping.

We, our members, supporters, friends & the Chaldean, Syriac & Assyrian people in Denmark look forwards to seeing you.

Kind Regards
The Assyrian Nineveh Association

Additional information:

Invited Clubs:
1- Mar Georgis Church- Gothenburg
2- Ashour Panipals Association- Gothenburg
3- Kaldayiekse UR Association- Aarhus
4- The Assyrian Club- Horsens
5- Ishtar Association- Norway
6- The Assyrian football group- Rotterdam
7- Other interested football clubs still have time to join, meet and get to know fellow young people.
8- Deadline for registration: Friday the 25.04.2008-04-18

Not only is the Assyrian Nineveh Association happy to accept all form of given donation from our fellow countrymen, but you can also give your donation directly to one of the boardingmembers/committee members, or transfer it to the above mentioned/given bank information.

Above all, please ask (whether or not/if) your parents can give a helping hand with the practicality, all in all let us know and we will shortly be in touch with the interested parties.

We look forward to seeing many volunteers who will contribute into making this event one of a kind. 