The 2009 “Free National Coalition” Platform Assyrian National Council of Illinois (MOUTWA) ~ Elections 2009


Given the heterogeneity of our people, the Free National Coalition is truly representative of our people as it consists of members of our community from its various regional, political, religious, and socio-ethnic backgrounds. As the forces of divisiveness are threatening our community, we stand for unity and we renew our pledge, as set forth by the ANCI bylaws, to provide educational, humanitarian or social services to all the various constituents of our nation.


Since its inception, the ANCI has been committed to serving our Assyrian Chaldean Syriac people and has provided them over the years with free services such as: native language classes, academic and research workshops, refugee aid, citizenship classes, energy assistance program, senior care program, day care center, computer classes, periodicals, housing assistance, radio program, summer job training program, scholarship program, tutoring classes, job finding and filling out public aid, social security or immigration forms. Additionally, the ANCI owns three buildings (Kiddie Kollege, office building and the community center) which are all paid off.

the-2009-free-national-coalition-platform-ad-2.JPGAs far as charities, we have contributed to tax-exempt charities such as the Assyrian Aid Society, which created and has nourished a social infrastructure in Bet Nahrain that has helped sustain our people there since 1991 through: village reconstruction projects, day care centers, providing free healthcare, an entire education system in our native language, and rations to our people in times of crisis. It is noteworthy that the intricate education system sponsored by AAS requires services such free transportation, student housing, books, printing and scholarships to our students.


Over the past eight years the ANCI has been able to meet most of its constitutional objectives. Our mission to serve our people, however, is far from over. As candidates of the FNC, we will remain committed to sustaining and expanding the objectives of the ANCI through:

• Maintaining and enhancing our educational programs (ESL classes, native Language classes, tutoring program)
• Enhancing our community center by adding various cultural facilities to it such as an cultural library
• Establishing our own nursing homes for the elderly
• To sponsor a TV show which is culturally and educationally informative
• Continue the circulation of native language and English periodicals
• Continue and enhance our student scholarship program
• Continue and enhance our refugee services
• Establish a youth committee that will promote youth activities
• Enhancing the mothers’ assistance programs
• Continue educating and assisting our people when becoming good citizens of the United States
• Assisting qualified charitable organizations
• Maintaining and enhancing our radio program

Free National Coalition

• Sheba Mando
• Peter Khoshaba Bobo
• Ninos Younan
• William Khamis Moshe
• Aprim Rasho
• Odisho David
• Akad Saadi
• Odisho Dinkha
• Jany Mirza
• Auger Malik Ismail
• Sarjon Odisho
• Youssef Odicho
• Helen Talia
• Danny Audisho
• Ninef Michael

On Sunday, November 22, 2009, vote to sustain the organization that has shaped the face of democracy in the Assyrian community in Illinois, the Assyrian National Council of Illinois ~ Elections 2009.

Three locations, ANCI – 2450 W. Peterson, Chicago, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., ANCI – 9131 Niles Center Road, Skokie, 8:00 a.m. – 5 p.m., and Roselle Public Library – 40 S. Park Street, Roselle. Please pre-register to vote!