Thanksgiving’s letter from Assyrians’ establishments in Europe to the responsible political figures and parliament committees in Armenia on the occasion of the absolute importance given by the said establishments to the Assyrian genocide this year.

ܣܝܥܬܐ ܐܬܩܪܝܬܐ ܬ ܒܝܠܝܬܐ ܕܣܝܦܐ
Assyrian Genocide International ( Seyfo) Committee
Stockholm 2011-05-20
Thanksgiving’s letter
His Excellency : Hovik Abrahamyan
Chaiman of National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia.
His Excellency : Galust Sahakyan
Head of the Republican faction of National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia.
His Excellency : Vahan Hovhannisyan
Head of the ARF “Dashnaktsutyun” faction of National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia.
His Excellency: Aram Safaryan
Chairman of standing Committee on Protection of Human Rights and Public Affairs of the Parliament of Armenia.
His Excellency: Armen Rustamyan
Chairman of Standing Committee on Foreign Relations of the Parliament of Armenia.
On April 24 the Armenian people paid tribute to victims of the genocide of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire. Armenian citizens of the Assyrian nationality, and Assyrians living around the world, also mourn the victims of the Armenian genocide.

At the same time period in the Ottoman Empire genocide was committed against the Assyrians, the victims were between 500 000 to 750 000 Assyrians. Like the Armenians, Assyrians and Greeks were the first victims of the mass genocide in human history in the early 20th century.
Naturally, the Assyrian people, without a state of their own, make it much more difficult to achieve recognition of the genocide of the Assyrians. Thus we appreciate all the support of other nations that take the courageous step towards recognizing the genocide of the Assyrian.
The Swedish parliament’s resolution of March 2010, which condemns the genocide of Armenians, Assyrians / Syrians / Chaldeans and Pontic Greeks in 1915, is a shining example of cooperation between co-victims of one and the same genocide and western states.
International Assyrian community has closely followed the April events in Armenia and we appreciate the fact that the first time in Armenia a torchlight procession on April 23 took place near the Armenian flag where the Assyrian flag was raised symbolizing the common call for recognition of the genocide that was perpetuated against our people between 1914-1923.
We want to remind you that on 7th of May in Sydney a monument was erected in dedication to the memory of victims of the Armenian Genocide, and this was soon vandalized and desecrated by ultra-nationalist Turks. In September of 2010 a similar act of vandalism took place against the monument dedicated to the memory of victims of the genocide of Assyrians. Unfortunately, not only constant acts of vandalism against our monuments are occurring, but representatives of our peoples are also regularly victimized and subjected to Turkish persecution and execution. Therefore, we appreciate any support provided to our people.
We want to express our deep appreciation to you. This year marked the first time in the modern history of Armenia that a speaker and members of the Armenian parliament acceded to our calls and presented an officially speech regarding the genocide of the Assyrians. Such a recognition of Assyrian Genocide by the Armenian parliament, will contribute to raising the international and political image of Armenia and will add an additional lever of pressure on Turkey, whose stance is contrary to historical facts and common sense and which continues to deny the genocide perpetuated against our people: Assyrians and Armenians alike.
We are writing to you with the hope of obtaining your assistance in restoring of historical justice for our people .This fraternal assistance could be manifested in an official legislation by Armenia in which Assyrian genocide is fully recognized along with hat of the Armenians. This official recognition of the Assyrian genocide by the Armenian state will demonstrate the historical fraternal ties between our two people, and orchestrate a common effort of the co-victims to pressurize the Turkish state to finally admit historical facts and recognize our genocide. Furthermore it will send a positive signal that the fair treatment of minorities I Armenia.
 Based on the above, we appeal to you to explore and bring to the Parliament of Armenia’s the possibility of adopting a resolution on the genocide of Assyrians in the years 1914-1923.
 From our side we are ready to render assistance in promoting the recognition of the Assyrian and Armenian genocide around the world and we want to inform you of our support for initiatives of the internationally well-known activist, especially within the Assyrian movement Irina Gasparyan (Sagradovoy), a leader of the Assyrian Federation of Organizations of Armenia “Hayadta.
Again, thank you for the valuable moral support to the Assyrians!

Following are organizations which participated in this call.

Deutscher Assyrischer Jugend-
und Kulturverein Idstein e.V
Limburgerstraße 53a
65510 Idstein
kontaktperson: Yuhannes Kucun

Vereniging van Assyriërs in België
walemstraat 137
2800 sint-katlinewafer
kontak.person Savas Alagac

Atou E.V. Assyrian youth club
Alte Heerstasse 5
35440 linden. de
kontag person sima kucun

Assyrische Verein der Schweiz
Postfach 134.
9545 Wängi Schweiz
kontag person General
Director• Iskender Bulut

Assyrian Institutet
Tomtbergavägen 16 tr. 1
145 67 Norsborg Sweden
General Director ; Yilmaz Poli