Terrorists of ISIS determine the prices of their Christian and Yazidis women who abducted them as booty and forced the women of Mosul to wear the veil

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Ankawa.com – Younes Thanon
Translated by Rashwan Issam Al-Daqaq

The militants of the so-called Islamic State distributed a leaflet issued by them in a number of mosques in the city of Mosul. This leaflet declares the prices of the booty women who were abducted from Christian and Yazidis people. The leaflet which released earlier this week included the special prices of the abducted women. These prices depend on the age, and as pointed out, the price of woman aged 30-40 years, from both components, Christian and Yazidis people, is 75 thousand dinars, while the value rises for younger women to reach 150 thousand dinars for those of the ages between 10-20 years and 200 thousand dinars for all kids of ages ranging between 6-9 years, also from both components, Christian and Yazidis people. The leaflet ended by referring to the regulation of not allowing anyone to buy more than three women excluding the buyers from foreign origin, such as Turkish, Syrian and Gulf people.
It should be mentioned that the extremists of ISIS applying unjust conditions against the women in the city of Mosul. They have forced them of wearing the veil, which prompting the merchants in Mosul Markers to import different kinds of veils for the purpose to meet the heavy demands by the women of Mosul city.

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