Terrorists in Baghdad killed yesterday a Christian woman who was survived the massacre of the Church of Our Lady of Salvation

Ankawa.com – Baghdad
The terrorist’s murderers returned yesterday evening to their heinous crimes against Christians in Iraq. They killed this time a Christian woman in her house in Al-Karada district in Baghdad. This woman was one of the survivors of the latest massacre of the Church of Our Lady of Salvation.
Ankawa.com knew that the victim is the 44 years old Rafah Toma Alkass Butras. The terrorists killed her after they broke into her home and hit her with a sharp object till death.
The new victim was a graduate of the College of archaeology from the University of Baghdad and she was working at the library of the same university. She refused to leave her work and leave Baghdad after she survived the massacre of the Church of Our Lady of Salvation, despite the appeal of her elderly father to leave Baghdad and go to the town of Baghdeada.
The French Associated Press quoted from a source of the Iraqi Interior Ministry who confirmed the occurrence of such heinous crime. This crime comes with the framework of the ongoing campaign for killing and displacement of Christians from Iraq.

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