Ten people killed, 27 injured in Iraq attacks (2nd Lead)

Baghdad – Ten people were killed and at least 27 injured on Wednesday in a series of attacks in Iraq, security sources said.
Three people were killed and at least 20 injured in a series of bombs targeting Christian homes in the Baghdad neighbourhoods of Zayouna, Sara Camp, Duara, al-Mansour and al-Ghadir, they said.
Overnight attacks on Christian homes in several of the same neighbourhoods had left one woman injured, according to Jonadam Kanna, a Christian member of parliament.
Separately, three members of the Sahwa forces were killed and three injured in a bomb attack targeting one of their checkpoints in the city of al-Hilla, some 100 kilometres south of the capital.
The Sahwa are former Sunni fighters who later cooperated with United States-led multinational forces in fighting al-Qaeda.
In the northern city of Mosul, meanwhile, two soldiers were killed and three injured in a bomb attack targeting a military patrol.
Gunmen additionally killed a girl near her home in Mosul’s neighbourhood of Hay al-Wehda.
The leader of a mosque in Fallujah also died on Wednesday. Abbas Mahmoud, the imam of the al-Jazeera mosque, was killed by gunmen near his home in the city, located some 60 kilometres west of Baghdad.