Syrian Christians have been abandoned by the West, archbishop charges

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Catholic World News –
A Syrian archbishop reports that his people feel “forgotten, neglected, and betrayed by the West.”
Archbishop Boutros Marayati, who leads the Armenian Catholic community in Aleppo, said that the Christians remaining in the Syrian city are living with shortages of water, heat, electricity, fuel, and medical care. Two-thirds of the city’s Armenian Catholics have fled, seeking security elsewhere, the archbishop told an audience in Rome during a visit there, and those who remain are pessimistic about the future.

Archbishop Marayati said that some hope remains for Aleppo, because of appeals for aid and because of the strong cooperation among the city’s remaining residents. He reported that “everything that is done is done between the Orthodox, Catholics and Protestants, and with moderate Muslims. Everything that happens now – at least as concerns the part that is still there – is cooperation, a collaboration, ecumenical and interfaith solidarity.”