SYRIACS IN SYRIA – Toward to the end of Syriac Christians from Middle East?

March 05, 2012 Brussels – Last decade world has witnessed to the great political, economic and social changes and the Middle East region has been at the centre of all these turbulent incidents. This transformative period has been perilous for some vulnerable groups and especially Syriac people which consists small minority without any legal protection in all countries of the region. The Iraq war has marked dark periods for the Syriac (Chaldean-Assyrian) people which left great human tragedy. Syriac people who have played major roles at the construction of the civilisation are at the phase of the annihilation with their all components from their homelands.

The sovereign elites followed religious and nationalist chauvinism and on these bases tried to construct their policies. These policies were based on the hate of others and they were designated to create one model for all multicultural societies. As a consequence, ethnic and religious minorities had been victim of these policies and they were even humiliated. The dictators of these countries used all means to continue and deepen their reign and enrich personally.

During the history and today, Syriac Christian people had been always easy target of these policies. All conflicts and wars of the region left astonishing great damages both in moral and materially among Syriac people.

From the beginning of uprising in Syria on March 15, 2011, the Syrian Baath regime killed thousands of people and ten thousands have been tortured and great number of population had been obliged to leave the country. The Baath regime trying all means to avoid enhance to the freedoms and democracy. During these difficult periods Syriac people also give casualties. More than 200 Syriac Christian people lost their lives at this period, within them few religious leaders and many Syriac people had been arrested. The fate of Syriac people in Iraq raises the same fears and concerns for Syriacs as well in Syria.

On February 28, 2012, Baath regime forces made a raid to the Medicine Department of Aleppo University and arrested high ranking member of Syriac Union Party, Barsawm Yakup Barsawm and member of Syriac Culture Association, Malik Yakup Hanna who has been released later. Both of them had been victim of heavy tortures.

The Baath regime tries all necessary inappropriate methods to keep religious andsocietal leaders at his side. The attacks of regime have two basis; on one side, profiting from the disorganised situation of opposition groups and on other side, the approach of international community which could not find any consensus.

The ongoing chaotic situation in Syria makes vital the protection of Christian Syriac presence and identity in the country. Regional and international actors have to take into consideration the Syriac people in Syria which constitute unique element of Syrian society.

As European Syriac Union (ESU), we follow with great concern the situation in Syria and the perilous situation of Syriac people. Our great expectation from international community is to provide assistance to the Syrian people and also have an eye on Syriac people and not forget them. We believe that speedy action can save many lives in the Syria from the actual chaotic situation. ESU is ready for all coordination for the humanitarian and material aid to the Syrian people and also supporting Syriac organisation Syriac Union Party in Syria which is working hardly for the protection of Syriac Christians.

For more information please contact: European Syriac Union (ESU) – – Ms. Rima Tüzün