Syriac Orthodox and Ahbash Christians celebrate Christmas – Bethlehem

9925251.jpgHema Syriac Orthodox Christians and Ahbash communities celebrate within the Eastern Christian Christmas in the Church of the Nativity. Palestinian Territory. 6th January 2012
Syriac Orthodox community celebrates Christmas inside the Church of the Nativity.
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Syriac Orthodox
Chaired by Archbishop Mor Murad Royal Patriarchal Vicar of the Syriac Orthodox Church with Father Peter Grace and a group of priests and deacons and a special prayer session to cave in preparation for the mid-night Mass in the Church of the Nativity in the presence of the sons of the Church and foreign pilgrims
And began celebrations of the Syriac Church in the launch of a procession, Bishop of the Monastery of St. Mark yesterday morning on his way to Bethlehem, accompanied by senior priests and deacons and a selected community, dignitaries, representatives of institutions, Syriac and upon arrival at the monastery of Mar Elias was received by the dignitaries and representatives of the Syriac Church and its institutions and Israeli officials and after shaking hands with them went the procession to Manger Square When the Paradise Hotel offers the convoy of traffic police and Palestinian security services through the Street of the Nativity to the Church of the Virgin of the Syriac Orthodox Church in Bethlehem and at the junction of Beit Sahour provide convoy groups Scout In Manger Square, he was received by the Mayor of Bethlehem Dr. Victor Batarseh and conservative minister, Abdul-Fattah Hamayel and Director General of Police maintain Lt. Col. Khalid al-Tamimi, deputy commander of the report viewer age and Minister Engineer Ziad Bandak Dr. immortality Daibes Abu has the House and Fayez Al Sakka, Fuad Kukali and Mohammed welding, and Father Peter Grace parish priest and the President and members of the Society of Saint Ephrem and the chairmen and members, and representatives of associations and institutions, Syriac was welcomed by Father Peter Grace Bishop Marschewrius Royal Murad and his companions and guests, and after shaking hands with them went the procession to the Church of the Virgin, where he headed the rule Almtara n special prayer during which he addressed spiritual about the meaning of feast and gave thanks for the Future for the warm reception and all the officials and the audience and wished to President Abbas and the Palestinian leadership success in their endeavors to achieve peace then headed the procession to the Assembly Hall where once again welcomed the blessing of Father Peter’s sovereignty and guests praising the efforts of President Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian leadership in the peaceful orientation, to achieve just and comprehensive peace in the region and gave a long speech on the occasion Saliba and then went to his motorcade in the monastery of the Armenians

Ahbash Orthodox
Arrived at three o’clock in the afternoon procession Bishop Kaustos Mary, accompanied by bishops and priests, the sons of the Church in Jerusalem and foreign pilgrims to the city where he was greeted by the deputy mayor of Bethlehem architect George HE the conservative minister Hamayel and director of the city police Capt. Zayed poet and dignitaries of the region and after shaking hands with them went to church Ahbash Street in the city, the Milk Grotto, where he headed a special prayer in the middle of the night presided over the Christmas and was assisted by a group of Orthodox priests and deacons Ahbash and the church choir and continued until dawn prayers
It is worth mentioning that the police public relations in the distribution of roses on the Patriarchs, Bishops and revelers from local and foreign