Syriac Bible Found In Cyprus Causing Debate Over Age

bible1.jpgCyprus (ChattahBox) – A raid on a den of antique smugglers has brought to light what appears to be a bible written in Syriac, the native language thought to have been spoken by Jesus of Nazareth.

The Cypriot courts heard testimony this week that the bible may have been as old as 2,000 years, containing Syriac text, golden lettering, and engraved pictures on vellum, all bound together. However, experts say that it is unlikely to be so old, especially considering the gold lettering.

“I’d suspect that it is most likely to be less than 1,000 years old,” Peter Williams, a leading expert on ancient antiquities, said Friday.

Syriac, a dialect of Aramaic, is still used in some rituals and services, and so the find is not guarenteed to be as ancient as some suspect. But it’s still an incredible discovery.

“One very likely source (of the manuscript) could be the Tur-Abdin area of Turkey, where there is still a Syriac speaking community,” King’s College professor Charlotte Roueche told reporters