Syria is Still the Main Target

For the last three years, the American administration has been searching for an internationally acceptable justification to interfere militarily into Syria in an attempt to topple Al-Assad’s government. Finally, and after the ISIS beheading of two American citizens, President Obama declared ISIS a terrorist threat against the whole world not just against the region. He formed a “Coalition of the willing” and sent American fighter planes over Syrian territories ostensibly to bomb ISIS terrorist fighters. At the same time, this coalition had vowed to arm what they called “moderate” anti-Syrian rebels. The attack against Syria is a part of the American “New Middle East” project, which is part of the Zionist overall plan of creating “Greater Israel” in the Middle East. After destroying Iraq and neutralizing Egypt; the largest two Arab powers in the region, the focus, now, had turned onto Syria. Syrian regime posed a challenging obstacle against the Zionist project. Syria is a major ally to Iran and Russia. Its government had also supported and partially armed Lebanese Hezbollah, who inflicted a humiliating defeat onto the Israeli army in 2006. Syrian economy was not strong yet sufficient, and started to improve under Bashar Al-Assad’s regime. The middle class was loyal to the government, and could not be bribed. Syria did not have a national debt, through which international bankers could manipulate the country’s foreign policies. The Syrian social fabric has been greatly sectarian. After the 1982 government suppression of the Muslim Brotherhood uprising in the North especially after Hama massacre, citizens of different sectarian groups seem to live in harmony with each other. Yet this failed Muslim Brotherhood uprising stayed a dormant unhealed wound in the Syrian history. This wound was cut open again by the then American ambassador to Syria Robert Stephen Ford, whose main job was to re-ignite sectarian conflict and to create El Salvador style death squads to rise up against Assad’s regime. His main objective was to create sectarian divisions between Sunnis, Shiites, Alawites, Kurds, Druze and Christians (1 & 2 ). Ford was just following the American old tactic of inciting sectarian conflict, creating and arming terrorist groups in order to topple governments or to provide a justification for American military intervention in that country. The US has a long experience in such intervention in countries around the world such as El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Haiti, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya among others. The American administrations, pushed by the American military industrial complex, create conflicts and terrorist groups in other countries, and then offer themselves as fighter of global terrorism allegedly saving that country. Instead they destroy the infrastructure of the country, and then provide that country with conditional financial loans to rebuild its economy according to global bankers. The American administrations are the disease and the seemingly cure at the same time. The American plan was for the financed Syrian anti-government demonstration to follow the example of the anti-government movements in Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt, the so-called Arab Spring that led to regime change. Yet, due to the popularity of the Assad’s regime, this goal did not materialize. So death squads were set into action and started killing demonstrators and blaming the killing on government forces. This violence was moved a notch further when Qatari Hamad bin Jassim, Saudi Bandar bin Sultan, and Turkish Recep Erdogan and Ahmet Davutoglu were recruited to finance, arm, and facilitate the infiltration of mercenaries across the Syrian border ( 1, 2, 3, & 4). Hamad bin Jassim was the former Prime Minister of Qatar. Bandar bin Sultan was the Saudi Chief of General Intelligence and a very close friend to Bush family. Erdogan was Turkey’s Prime Minister and Ahmet Davutoglu was his Minister of Foreign Affairs; both are strong supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood. Qatar and Saudi Arabia enlisted mercenaries, provided money and weapons, while Turkey provided training camps and facilitated infiltration into Syria. The death squads united and formed what was called the Free Syrian Army (FSA). In his lecture to students at Harvard University Vice President Joe Biden confessed and blamed American allies in the Middle East; naming Turkey, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates (UAE), who were responsible for financing and arming anti-Syrian terrorist groups. Listen to Biden on RT and on The American administration solicited international political support to what they called “moderate opposition” through political meetings in Turkey and Egypt, but achieved very little. Despite the American weapons smuggled to FSA from Libya and from Croatia besides weapons from Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, the FSA was not matched for the Syrian forces, and they were losing ground. A chemical weapon false flag attack in Syria was orchestrated and the Assad’s regime was blamed although evidence showed the opposite (1, 2, 3, 4, & 5). Turkey was singled out by the media as the main perpetrator of the chemical attack. The American administration attempted to use the chemical weapon attack as justification for military intervention in Syria, but could not secure UNSC approval due to Russian and Chinese vetoes. Assad’s government successfully diffused the tension by giving up all its stockpile of chemical weapons. A dozen former US military and intelligence officials, who called themselves Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), had submitted a memorandum to president Obama that the alleged chemical attack as well as most of the intelligence about Syria are actually Israeli fabricated in order to get the USA to attack Syria. Obama retracted his red line yet his administration declared Assad had lost legitimacy to rule Syria because he lost consent of his people. Syrian election of June 2014 demonstrated that Bashar al-Assad has won a landslide victory securing 88.7% of the votes; higher than Obama’s popularity of only 42.5% according to many polls in the same year. Losing the chemical attack as a justification for interference in Syria, another more realistic and horrifying excuse was to be created. Enter ISIS or Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. ISIS is a very brutal terrorist group with mostly foreign mercenaries armed with more advanced weaponry. Whistleblower Edward Snowden, the former employee at US National Security Agency, revealed that US, UK and Israeli intelligence worked together to create ISIS. In her book “Hard Choices” former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, confessed that the American administration created ISIS, whose primary goal was the destruction of the Arab World. ISIS leader, reported by western media as Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, is actually an Israeli Mossad agent with the name of Elliott Shimon. ISIS is actually an abbreviation for Israeli Secret Intelligence Services as revealed on C-SPAN in 1990 by the Israeli author Dan Raviv; coauthor of “Every Spy a Prince”. Once this information was spread on the internet the western media hastened to change the name to ISIL (Islamic State in Iraq and Levant), then they shortened it to IS (Islamic State). ISIS fighters were recruited and financed by Saudi Arabia and run on Saudi Salafist extremist ideology. ISIS fighters were armed by advanced American weaponry under the supervision of pro-Israeli Zionist Arizona Senator John McCain, who was of a primary help to the American administration in creating ISIS. McCain, himself, admits to meeting with ISIS and he is in constant contact with them all the time (also here). McCain also declared that “everyone on the National Security Team recommended arming ISIS.” In an interview with the Daily Beast Senator Rand Paul accused McCain of meeting with members from Free Syrian Army and from “Northern Storm”, who had sold Steven Sotloff to ISIS for $50,000. Sotloff is reported to have been an Israeli intelligence agent, who served in the Israeli army and is suspected that his execution by ISIS might have been staged to give him a new identity. Sotloff’s execution, a beheading, has become a common practice mark of ISIS used to terrorize people. Brutality and the word Islam have been associated with ISIS by the western media to denigrate Islam and to incite enmity to Islamic countries. ISIS fighters had killed people from many denominations; Sunnis, Shiites, Christians, Kurds, and had destroyed mosques as well as churches. These crimes have to do with Judaism and nothing to do with Islam. Judaic teachings especially the Old Testament (Deuteronomy as just one example) breach of a vengeful warmongering god, whose laws concerning war demand his Jewish chosen people to “you shall let nothing that breathes remain alive, but you shall utterly destroy them.” Islamic rules of war, on the other hand, command to spare those who surrender their weapons, spare those who stay in their homes, spare women, children and elderly, tend to prisoners with medicine, food and drinks, and even to release them if caring for them was not possible, not to cut trees or burn homes. Turkey and Israel had given ISIS all kinds of support including weapons, oil trade, and medically treating their wounded fighters in their hospitals. Opposition Turkish officials accused Erdogan’s government of protecting and cooperating with ISIS and al-Nusra terrorists and providing them with free medical treatment in Turkish hospitals. Israel is also treating ISIS terrorists for free in its hospitals reported Foreign Policy. According to a 15-page report by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on the work of the UN Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) scores of wounded Syrian rebels have been transported across the cease-fire line into Israel where they received free medical treatment in a field clinic before they are sent back to Syria to resume fighting. Netanyahu, himself, paid a visit to wounded ISIS fighters in a military field hospital in the Golan Heights. The Times of Israel reported that a Free Syrian Army commander confessed that he collaborated with Israel in return for medical and military support. ISIS was given a free reign for a long time to destroy Syria. Lately it seems that ISIS has served its purpose and that its usefulness had expired. The American administration kept on supporting and arming ISIS while beheading all types of Arab citizens and destroying Syrian infrastructure, yet once ISIS beheaded, or staged the beheading of, two American citizens Obama hastened to declare ISIS as a threat to the whole world not just to the region. Knowing very well that the United Nation Security Council (UNSC) would never authorize American interference in Syria due to Russian and Chines veto, the American administration had bypassed the UNSC, formed a coalition with some Arab states (Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and United Arab Emirates), and imposed the air strikes on the Syrian government. This is considered an act of war against Syria, who considers any military action on its land without its approval is considered an act of aggression. Such move had also nullified the legality and the functionality of the UNSC. Obama’s declaration of ISIS as a threat to the whole world reminds me of Bush’s, the son, declaration “You are either with us or with the terrorist”. Obama used the beheading of two American citizens as justification to attack ISIS, yet when Israeli forces killed many Americans in Palestinian West Bank, and especially in Gaza Strip, his administration blamed those American victims for being in a known theater of war, and had never declared war or demanded any legal action against Israel. Obama declared that it may take three to ten years for the air raids to finish off ISIS. He finally agreed with military analysts that ground troops are needed. Turkey’s parliament was pushed to vote for military action against ISIS on Syrian ground; also an act of war against Syria. The fastest and most efficient method to finish off ISIS is for all member countries in this warmongering coalition to stop their flow of money and weaponry into Syria in support of foreign mercenaries. Unfortunately for Syria the hidden goal for this coalition is the destruction and the division of the country into at least three parts, and the installation of pro-Zionist collaborating leaders. This is Zionist order out of chaos !!!
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