Sweden’s Social Democrat Party To Seek Genocide Recognition

 By Asbarez Staff
STOCKHOLM–After a long debate on October 29, the 2009 Social Democrat Party Congress in Stockholm defied recommendations from the Party Executive and voted to work toward the recognition of the Armenian, Assyrian and Pontiac Genocides committed by Ottoman Turkey.

Through the vote, the party’s congress approved the first clause of motion J28, stating that the Social Democrats shall act for the genocide against Armenians, Assyrians and Pontiac Greek’s to be “recognized by Sweden, EU and UN”.

In a written statement at the weekend, the Union of Armenian Associations in Sweden applauded the Congress for its historic decision, noting that this action shall in no way harm the democratization process in Turkey, the research on the genocide, nor the reconciliation process between Turkey and Armenia.

The Union said it looked forward to this decision of the Congress being reflected in the Social Democratic activities within the Swedish Parliament and in the future work of their MPs in regard to the existing parliamentary motions calling for an official Swedish recognition of the Genocide.