Sweden’s integration minister mentions Armenian Genocide in his speech

462531.jpgSweden’s Integration Minister Erik Ullenhag mentioned the Armenian Genocide in his speech delivered at the synagogue on Holocaust Remembrance Day. The speech is posted on Sweden’s governmental website (http://www.regeringen.se/sb/d/14373/a/159977).

The Minister recalled the words which are said to be uttered by Adolf Hitelr “Who remembers the Armenians?”

“He was referring to the genocide that happened during the First World War, when around million Armenians and a half million Assyrians and Chaldeans were killed in the territory of present Turkey. We should never hear the words “Who remembers the Jews”. The least we can do to honor the Holocaust victims is to constantly preserve the knowledge of what happened. If the deniers are allowed to win the battle for history, it would be an offense to the victims. And the risk that something similar could happen again would increase,” he said.