“Stella Rezgo Sways the Angels to the Dawn of a New Day”

stella.jpgStella scaled an everlasting impression last year with fans everywhere in Emanouel Bet Younan’s “Dyouta” album,where together they brought down the house in Orahim Lazar’s “Shoprakh Dmeera.”
But this clairvoyant artist has a musical background that traces back to Moscow, after moving from Georgia, where she was born. In her words, “I’m a self-taught pianist. . . in fact, when I was seven years-old, I got accepted into a music school for gifted children. But because it was far from where we lived, my parents could not take me there and after one month they withdrew me from the school. However, I always had a passion for music and so my dad bought me a piano and I taught myself to play by ear,” says the self-made diva.

She developed her talent through writing her own lyrics and music, and later joined the musical production of “Shamiram” ensemble, enabling the young starlet to travel to America and Europe. She was also hosting a radio show until relocating to North America, naming Canada her new home. Since then she has evolved in contemporary Christian music and immersed in English recording, as well as stage acting, leading right up to her last album release “New Day.”

New Day is a careful infusion of contemporary Assyrian sounds interwoven with Pop, Greek and East Indian. A 10-track album authored by the singer herself (except track #4 Sara L Gneta).

Stella carves a national territory in sixth track tribute to motherland Assyria in “Betnahrain Gu Khoulmani,” (the land of two rivers in my dreams, Assyrian) tracing her vocals back to her earlier recordings and drawing strength from her classical roots.

Rezgo is simply audacious and deserving of admiration, placing her among the elite in the Assyrian music industry. Stella Rezgo is an encore talent with a must have album.

Artist ~ Stella Rezgo
Album ~ New Day
Year ~ 2010
Lyrics ~ Stella Rezgo (Sara L Gneta by Misha Ashurian)
Music ~ Stella Rezgo (Sara L Gneta by Vania David)
Arrangements ~ Peter Adil (Sara L Gneta by William Shummunov)
Composer ~ Vania David
Assyrian Language Editing ~ Nahrin Kanno
Video ~ Yuri Markarov
Production ~ Johny Michael and Dani Shamoon for Jammusic Production

To learn more about Stella Rezgo, visit www.stellarezgo.com

This article is dedicated to the eminence of femininity.
~ Helen Tallia, MBA, CPA
May 2011