Statement on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the Foundation of the Chaldoassyrian Students and Youth Union

  Today, we remember the fifth of December, the twentieth anniversary of the start of our union “The Chaldoassyrian Students and youth Union “, which was founded in 1991, and worked since its foundation to serve our students and youth, and then serving the national action , thus our union decided to participate actively to support our Chaldoassyrian nation in its scientific, cultural and national march and developing it on basis of democracy inspired by the Chaldoassyrian cultural heritage on this homeland .
  Our union struggled along its 20 years of age to continue the struggle for installing the spirit of organized labor among our students and our youth, to build a solid and strong establishment to be able to face the difficult challenges over the passing of our people on the land of his fathers and ancestors, “Beth Nahrain” Iraq, and thus succeeded in planting the concepts of democracy between its members and supporters as its belief of the necessity to spread these concepts among the young leaders of the future, and to develop the building blocks of a democratic system to build a nation on the basis of civilization, has contributed to the development of this thought in the practices of the Interior of dialogues and discussions and exchange of views, and the practical application of these concepts in the stations organizational conferences which were held since its foundation until nowadays.
  We renew today our promise to stand by our students and our youth in facing the challenges that hurt our people, and the bad security situation is the one which our nation suffer from in many areas of their presence, in Baghdad, Kirkuk and Mosul, and unemployment, which became the disease that hurt our people severely, We urge the governments of Iraq and Kurdistan to provide jobs to queues of young unemployed, and we demand our political institutions, religious, social and cultural to put strategic plans to stop the risk of migration, which is threatening our existence and our destiny in many areas of our historical presence.
  Finally, greetings to the members of our union and supporters of our people and our friends and brothers at homeland , and we promise them to continue our approach to achieve the ambitious of students and youth, and the ongoing struggle in order to serve the fair case of our nation .
  Blessing to the twentieth anniversary of the founding of our union
Glory and immortality to the martyrs of the union Peres , Samir and zaia and the martyrs of “ Sayidat Al-Najaat church” and all the martyrs of our people and the martyrs of Iraq

Nineveh Plain: 5/12/2011
The Executive Committee
The Chaldoassyrian Students and Youth Union